Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mongolian Wrestler!

Mongolian bound now! We get to our carriage and find a Mongolian man sleeping in my bed! The Provodnitsa kicks him out! We settle in and meet our neighbor, he happens to be a Mongolian wrestler that participates in the Naadam Festival. This festival takes place during July and has many games like, archery, ankle bone shooting, and horse racing. Too bad we won't be able to make this! We attempt to have a conversation with him, but he knows little English.
Finally, we fall asleep to the sound of the chuging train. However, I am woken up by the large wrestler sitting on my bed. What was he thinking invading my space? He eventually moves back to his side and I fall back asleep. Next, thing you know I am awoken by the Mongolain man, who was sleeping in my bed earlier, sitting on my bed. What was he thinking? He did not ask politely to sit on my bed. He moves and I wake Jay up for lunch. At this time, we notice the train stops at the cental station in Ulan-Ude at 5640 km. As we are eating lunch, we notice a massive amount of movement take place on our train car. The Mongolian people are moving their goods around. The aisles are full of random stuff and many people. Next thing you know the Provodnitsa is bringing goods to store in our room. Did I mention that the Mongolain wrestler has all of his goods spread about our carriage. Suprisingly, there is enough room for us! So after about 30 minutes, we attempt to head to the bathroom to brush our teeth, but the aisles are still full. We eventually make it to the bathroom and on our way back we notice a raw chicken sitting on a table of one of the carriages. How is she gonna cook this without a stove or oven? Once we get back to our carriage, the other Mongolian man (the one sleeping in my bed earlier) is sitting on my bed. I politely say excuse me and sit down. He leaves...hope I didn't offend him. I wish we had smell-a-vision to share with you all the different smells that we are experiencing...I simply can't put it into words.
Right now, we are in the town of Zaudinsky. Here you see, run down wooden country homes with rolling hills and mountains in the background. The sight is re-freshing as we attempt to pretend we are taking in the smell of the fresh air outside rather than the smell on the train.
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Unknown said...

haha! "Smell-a-vision". When the guy on your bed left, did you say "smell ya later."?

Anonymous said...

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