Monday, June 4, 2007

If you didn't fly, then is it train lag?

5 time zones later...It's 4:00 am, Tuesday morning...yes, we can predict the future! Jay is bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to start the day. Where I am just plain sleepy. I wake up so, he doesn't have to sit here alone until its time to get up.
Yesterday, we roamed the city to find a place to eat dinner. We asked the hostess if she had an English menu. She replied no, but insisted that we stayed. Our waitress new English and helped us with the best entrees on the menu. We both ordered Borsch, which is a type of beet root soup with different kinds of meats and we split a pasta dish that had ham, egg, and parmesan cheese. It was all quite tasty!
Then, we made our way to a cellphone store to purchase a new SIM card. The saleperson tried to be very helpful by attempting to speak English to us.
Thus far, the hospitality of this city has been wonderful. But, you have to wonder why the streets are extremely dirty and why most of the houses and buildings look run-down. This is considered one of the busiest stops for travellers to get to Lake Baikal. Surely, there are tourist dollars put into this city.
Today, at 8am we will be taking a 7 hour bus ride to Lake Baikal. If Jays sleepy and I'm awake, then he will be staying up with me!
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Ok, I am ready for the next update! What happened on the bus ride?