Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lovely smell of Mutton

In Zaudinsky, the scenery was characterised by herds of cattle grazing across low rolling hills with the Selegna River flowing near by. Also, there was villages of wooden houses with bright painted window shutters. Then, the train passed a town called Zagustay. This appeared to be a tiny village with wooden houses and bright green grass. It was much like that of Zaudinsky. The train then followed the shores of Gusinoye Ozero (Goose Lake), which is surrounded by birch and pine trees. According to our book, this is usually prevalent further north, but can be seen here. The train crossed the Selegna River again before we arrived in Naushki. This was a small, uneventful town that is the Russian border post.
Right now, we are waiting to get our passports back and cross the border. When the Russian Visa Inspector came to get our passports, he had a staring contest with all of the people in our carriage. Well, more with Jay and I than the Mongolain wrestler. We wanted to bust out laughing during this competition, but we tried our best not to. I cracked a smile :). We got off the train to get a fresh breath of air and strech our legs. We walked to the store and attempted to buy some snacks, but the line was terribly to long. Guess who was sitting in my seat when we returned. I'll give you one chance...the Mongolian guy, who was sleeping in my bed. And our room stunk, because they were eating mutton dumplings. Only 12 more hours to go and I will be happy to get off this smelly train!
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