Monday, June 11, 2007

$5 apartment!

Well, the Mongolain border crossing was a breeze compared to that of Russia. The train only stopped for an approximately one hour. Jay and I did not get hassled by the Mongolian officials. However, the Mongolian wrestler appeared to get drilled by the visa inspector. We arrived to Ulaanbaatar at 7:30 am to find UB Guesthouse waiting for our arrival. They greeted us with wonderful hospitality and provided knowledgeable information regarding the tours to the countryside. At this lovely guesthouse, we get free breakfast, unlimited coffee and tea, free internet use, laundry services, free booking for train tickets and tours to the country side. Our room was not ready, so the recepionist said that it would be a good idea for us to head to the Chinese embassy to fill out our application for our visa. We agreed and this process was such a breeze, nothing compared to Talliinn. Our visas should be ready next week, which works out great because we plan on going on an excursion to the Gobi desert or the central part of Mongolia. When we arrive back to the guesthouse, our room is ready. We are staying in a dorm room with Nick and Caroline, the two English people we met on the way to Lake Baikal. The rooms has four beds, an extremely nice bathroom, and a stocked kitchen. SWEET! Did I mention it's only $5 per day per person!
Right now, we are heading to grab a bite of food and explore the city. We love and miss everybody!
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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Just thinkin about ya'll. The camp sucks Kacee... and ooohhh the changes that are going to happen around here. Oh yea, did you know Joy quit... we still don't have a clinical director so she is coming out once a week to sign stuff. There will be more changes, but I will let you know when they are actually happening so I don't give false info. BTW, any luck with the sale of your house? I can't believe all of the things you have seen and done... you are so lucky! I hope ya'll are well, talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys!!! This is Mrs. Kayla Bruner! We missed you both at the wedding but are so excited that you have the opportunity to see the world as you are. We had the most incredible wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii, definitely beyond words! I'm about to slaughter the etiquette books but... we just wanted to say a big thanks for the beautiful bowl from Crate and Barrel! It was so nice of you to think of us during our special time. Whenever I get the pics from the photographer I'll tell you the website. Keep having fun!!! We love and miss you both! -Kayla

cskettler said...

oh no i can't believe the bus journey! but i did just get to feel it...more video, i love it.

gee, i could have seen the mongolian man in your bed Kace.:)

Meng went home and we miss her already. She made the house warmer and more beautiful. Aden has a new teddy bear she gave him and he wont go anywhere without it.

more video please ...

love ya!