Saturday, June 2, 2007


At 1553 km, we looked to our right and the train began to follow the Sylva River. We attempted to look out the window at 1777 km to see the white monument that represents Asia-Russia, but we see nothing because it is too dark. We fell asleep to the chugging of the train. When we awoke, we attempted to figure out where we were. In our sleep, we pasted the city of Yekaterinburg. This is the cultural and economic capital of the Urals. Also, it's famous as the birthplace of Boris Yelstin and the death place of Tsar Nicholas II. The train supposively stops here for 20-30 mintues. But, we were sleeping so we didn't get off the train. We also went through the city of Tyumen, which is Siberia's oldest Russian settlement and a dynamic oil rich city. Siberia offically begins at 2102 km. Right now, we are at 2373 km. So, its offical we are in Siberia!
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