Friday, June 1, 2007


After 20 hours of riding on the train, we finally figured out where we are by discovering kilometer markings. They tell how far we are from Moscow. We just past the modern, industrial city of Perm. According to our book, most travellers pass this stop, because there is not much to see and do. As we pull out of the station, we realized that we are in Siberia country side and see many dacha (wooden houses) that look dilapedated. Behind the dachas you could see huge Soviet era buildings that all looked exactly the same. Somehow, this sight is extremely beautiful and re-freshing at the same time. We see the grass swaying back and forth as it is doing some sort of dance for us. Maybe it's trying to impress us and add to our jouirney.
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Anonymous said...

Hey, its Jackie that you met in Riga, Latvia. Im glad to see that you guys are still travelling hard! Believe it or not, Im still in Riga! I fell in love with a Latvian guy, so Im just hanging out here!

Just letting you know that I still keep up with your blog to see how your travels are going! Stay safe and have tons of fun!