Sunday, June 3, 2007


2428 km- Jay hurried off the train at Ishim to get a bag of potato chips. He failed at this task, because the provonista waived him back. He would have been left behind and I would have been very sad. About 5 minutes go by, a lady walks by selling something. For some reason, I thought she was selling purses, but actually it was food.. Jay purchased this potato looking ball. It was filled with onions and maybe pork. It was pretty tasty, but extremely greasy.
About every 15 mintues, an annoying lady walks by trying to sell you fur purses, scarves, and mittens. We constantly tell her "nyet," which means no! Hopefully, she will stop botherig us. She hasn't returned in over hours. Thanks goodness!
The train hasn't made any recent stops. We are just surrounded by beautiful greenery, farm land, and dachas (wooden country homes). And ofcourse, many horses and cows.
At approximately at 3035, Jay accomplishes his mission. He gets potato chips! We are at the town of Barabinsk. This is where many Polish Jews were exiled. Sad, but true! Our heart goes out to all that were exiled.
As we are leaving the station, we are surrounded by trains with coal from Kuzbas Basin. I just talked to my mom and Mr. Jimmy...I love and miss you guys very much! Hope Waffle House is YUMMY sleeping beauties!
Now, we are surrounded by stunning greenery that seem to be swaying back and forth dancing with the wind. Or is it just the vodka?
We go to the Resturant Car and met a Russian guy and girl and a lad from Holland. We also met our neighbors that are one cabin down from us, Sylvia and Rico from Garmany. Come to find out they are going to Olkhon Island on Lake Baikal as well. They are staying at Nikita's Guesthouse, just like us. While conversing with our new friends, shots of vodka are ordered one after another. Needless to say, we don't remember anything about that night, but not feeling good. We do know that we must have went to bed early, because we woke up thinking it was the same day as when we went to sleep. It was bright outside!
Today, we have been staring out the window at the beautiful country side of Siberia swearing to never drink vodka again.
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Anonymous said...

Waffle House was yummy. The day was great also. Just lazying around. Sounds as if your travels are one of a great experience. Wish we were there. Love and miss you guys. Be safe and have fun.