Sunday, May 6, 2007

Rain, rain go away

We awoke to the sound of raining hitting the window. Therefore, we did not want to get out of bed. So, we lounged around until about 2pm and decided to venture out in search for a bookstore. We loaded up in our rain gear and found 4 bookstores with nothing of interest. Cold and miserable, Kacee insisted on returning to the hostel. We stayed inside all day attempting to figure out our next plan of action with our travels. Today, Kacee missed her Aden and Toby very much, because on days like these everyone cuddled on the couch and napped. Well, tried to.
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Unknown said...

well guys it finally rained here and the roof let us know it didnt heal itself...and Aden and Toby hogged the bed!
Sometimes Aden goes into your guest room and waits for you on the bed.
stay dry!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Sorry to hear about the weather...we've been following your travels! Very cool so far..I loved the castles! Looks like we may have found a new friend for Cairo. Volunteered at the Bainbridge Humane Society Sat. and they just brought in a shepherd puppy (sable) couldn't resist so we signed up for her. Have to wait 72 hours to make sure nobody claims her. We'll name her Cinco for Cinco de Mayo (that was Sat!). Miss you guys!

Kacee & Jay said...

Thats great. You have to e-mail us pictures!

Tell Aden we miss him too!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your well written and exciting daily posting. it takes me back to many trips abroad in my youth and floods me with wonderful memories. I can feel myself walking the streets with you and i only wish that i could taste the food and drink the wine.
PS you seem to be eating very well:)Happy trails Maria Seltzer

Anonymous said...

Jay bomb and Kacee!!!!!!!!!! Hola me amigos!!!! man it sounds like you guys are having an amazing trip!!!! I'm so jealous you guys went to brugge!! thats one of my favorite european places!!! I had a blast there I hope you guys did too. and now you're in russia?!!? thtas crazy! anywho i'm real sorry i haven't e-mailed ou guys yet ( i forgot how to spell kacee's name! I thought it had a y in it for some reason! sorry! i'm a deusche! ) but you haven't missed a whole lot here. I finished my catamaran and I got to help sail it up to new jersey for two weeks so that was fun, till Lindsay broke up with me half way through the trip. that sucked but i guess she just liked being by herself so she wanted to stay that way. i dunno but theres other fish in the sea for joshy b! other then that nothing is changed! I'm extremely jealous of you guys and hope i can find a way to meet up with you guys somewhere (i gotta get outta here!) so i'll have to work that out, but i hope all is well for you guys and that you're having a blast! let me know if there's anything you might need me to do for you here in the states. Jen and todd and little emma say hi to and we all wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you got rain. We need it here. Everything is dry. Having fires everywhere. All that you are doing is so cool. Just sounds awesome. Love and miss you,
Terry and Mr. Jimmy

Anonymous said...

We could use some of the rain here. We are in a high fire hazzard rateing due to do little rain. We are going to Charleston the week after mother's day. Brian has ben putting down a shallow well and sprinker system he wants me to see. Keep the pictures coming. They tell the story so well. Love Jimmy

lydia said...

hello...Ive been keeping up with your all sounds so exciting and very informative...find some good pottery

Anonymous said...

Spent Sunday with your Mom & David at the Polo club celebrating Kentucky Derby, drank mint juleps & bet on losers but had fun. Cori wore huge pink hat for contest no it did not win. Following your travels great so far.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Sounds like the trip is going well. I keep looking to see who is going to be our new neighbor....can't be as good as you guys. I haven't seen anyone looking in a while. Look like two repair people over there yesterday. They didn't stay long. It was interesting that they had a large dog with them. Take care...we miss ya'll.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys...
A rainy day is good for all. Gives you a chance to regroup and rest those weay feet.
We love reading about your travels.

I started gardening at the Farm so we are ready for the Wedding next year. Should be luscious by then.
Love to you both,
CJ, Billy, Morgan, Zoe and Lila