Saturday, May 5, 2007


If you follow our blog and don't make comments to our posts, shame on you! At the bottom of every post is the word "comments", click the word and leave one. Its not that hard. You don't have to have a username and password. Just choose "other" as your identity. Type your comment in the big box, and your name in the small box. You don't need anything where it says "your web page"
We really look forward to your comments. Even if its just a few words, it reminds us why we spend the time to post.
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Jimmy said that sounds that the both of you are having a wonderful time. Great pictures, keep taking them. love u. Mom and Mr. Jimmy

Anonymous said...

love you guys. love Mom

Anonymous said...

i finally got international calling cards. Will call before Friday! Miss u dearly. Luv ya. Have fun! Sis