Saturday, May 5, 2007

Protector of the City

Today, we set out to find the Russian Market. We read the directions from our bible (Let's Go) and followed them on the map. As we were walking, we stumbled upon the Warsaw Mermaid. According to legend, a greedy merchant kidnapped the mermaid from the Wisla River. A local fisherman rescued her and in return she swore to defend the city. She now protects it with a shield and raised sword.
We continued with following the directions of the guide and map. We walked for over an hour. The Russian Market does not exist. We ended up in Old Town Square were we saw skateboarders, a tattoo artist, and break dancers. Then, we decided to go to the movies to see Spider-Man 3. Yes, it was in English.


Kacee & Jay said...

There are many Polish kings who had affairs with mistresses. It is amazing how women ruled the world behind the throne. Many of them had political power that is unbelievable. When I'm finished, do you want me to send it back to you?

I love my new fleece and's not too flassy!

Anonymous said...

hey bro, i saw spiderman 3 also this weekend, i thought it was great. much better then 2. anyway hope your having fun, oh i just saw erin at baja fresh at lunch time, i told her to give you a call she didnt know your international # was on the site, so maybe she will find it and call you
love e