Friday, April 13, 2007


We have not been able to post due to lack of available internet. So, it's time to catch you all up! Day.....ummmm....well we have no clue! After we left Brugge, we took a train to Brussels. When we arrived in Brussels, we had a horrible feeling. The town of Brussels was dirty and smelly...not charming at all. However, we decided to make our way to our B & B. The B &B did not meet expectations. First, of all the room that we thought we were staying in appeared to be the two dog’s domain. When we arrived the dogs posted up on our bed and growled at us as we tried to sit next to them. We all looked at each other and came to a consensus that WE NEEDED TO LEAVE! So, we immediately left and took a taxi to the train station. From there, we made our way to Rochefort, Belgium. Rochefort was absolutely gorgeous! We fell in love with this small quiet town. Nobody in the entire town spoke English, only French. So, you could imagine how difficult it was communicating with the family at our hotel. Despite this, the family was very nice. We explored the town and stumbled our way to a park. While on this journey, we noticed blue dots on every other tree.....we swore we were on our way to a cult meeting. We walked....walked....walked and finally ended up at the top of the mountain of the park. This was a breathtaking view of the could see for miles and miles (picture above). The next day, we explored two caves the Grotte de Rochefort and Grotte de Han. Both caves were incredibly amazing. However, we all agreed that the Grotte de Han was by far the best. This cave was considered the most beautiful in all of Northern Europe. It puts the Marianna Caverns to shame! Today, we made our way from Rochefort to Luxembourg to Trier, Germany. We had to stop in Luxembourg, because Jay wanted to add this country to his already long list. Therefore, we had to make our way to the tourist center to get our passports stamped. Oh, but that was not it! Also, according to Jay, we had to have a beer in order to claim Luxembourg as a country visited. So, of course, we did. By the way, did I mention that we had less than an hour to catch our train to Trier? We had to sprint from the bar to the train felt like we ran a marathon. We made the train and arrived in Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany. Trier stood 1300 years before Rome, so they say. Mom arrived at 4pm and we had a taste testing with the chocolates bought in Brugge. Most were very Yummy! We plan to explore the city tomorrow and shop for Birthday outfits for Jay's b-day! Just so you know, we must love you all very much...because German keyboards STINK! The y and z are in opposite places and don't even ask were the shift key is! XOXO!


Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks for the comments and yes, I am reading them :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds great!! Wish we were there. Have fun. Love Mom

Anonymous said...

From K.R send me some cheese and chocolate a lot I miss you I love you very very very very much!

From, K.L. I miss you very much, you will come back I hope after Easter. I know Easter has passed but next year it won't be, it will be soon, but not that soon. We miss you! From W.R. Tolar school.

Everyone asks about you! They are all looking at your website as well! Mr. Larry and Mr. Gladstone say "We don't miss you." Haha, all is going well here! Hope you are having a blast! ~E~

Kacee & Jay said...

Erin! How's everything in life with Twin Oaks? I hope all is well and tell everyone that I said hello! As for Gladstone and Mr. Larry, tell them that I don't miss them! I would like to send a post card to the school, but I have no idea what the address is. Can you get it for me? Or can I mail it to your house? By the way, hope your editing the post as you read them to the know you are!!