Monday, April 9, 2007

Note to Chocolate Lovers

This swan is made entirely of chocolate!

Ok, so we know that is has been three days since our last post. Therefore, we will take some time to get you up to date. On Day 4, we set out that morning to explore the markets of Delft, Netherlands. The market was incredibly awesome...the streets were lined with cheese, bread, and waffles. We also checked out Delftware, which is blue-on white earthenware...basically pottery custom to that region. After we got our lunch and dinner for the day, we made our way to Arnhem to visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park. We were unable to see the park due to the weather. As we were trying to figure out whether to risk the weather or go to our bed and breakfast in Zevenaar, a dude in a golf cart came by so fast that Kacee got knock to the side. But, luckily only hit her backpack. We ended up at our lovely B & B, DeRoase. Karin & Ico De Roo couldn't have provided us with more hospitality; tea and biscuits to welcome us followed by an incredible european breakfast with the best fried eggs and ham that we have ever had. After a full day of traveling by train at no cost (don't ask how), we arrived in Maastricht. We roamed the streets to find the best food yet at two separate local joints. Then, we made our way back to our blue-hue rose colored rooms. Amenities... blow dryer, fan, and big comfy bed made for a great night sleep, all followed by a champagne breakfast to make our approach into Belgium. After a three hour train ride, we arrived to the famous hostel in Brugge. Yes, back in hostel territory! Finally, the Chocolate Festival, Choco-Late, is here! We were so excited to arrive at the Chocolate Festival, we tasted our first two pieces of chocolate and we saw a wine and chocolate paring, "Oh, what fun let's try!" To our surprise, with no hesitation we ate our chocolate covered asparagus lollipop. Yeah, no...BIG MISTAKE! Just because it's covered in chocolate does not mean its going to be good. To all you chocolate lovers, never say you will eat anything with chocolate! We laughed it off and enjoyed day 1 of the Chocolate festival. Next, was a horse and buggy ride that gave us a history lesson on the medieval town of Brugge with a church dating back to the 10th century. Down the narrowest street, we found a pub with over 100 Belgium beers; we have learned that when you ask for a beer ask for a "normal" beer, and you will get the best! Then, we made our way back to out hostel to enjoy beer at the bar and update you with the latest. We love and miss everyone! Don't forget to check out the photo gallery....we update it every time we make a post!

To all the Tolar Kids, especially K L, K R, and FB, I miss you!! :*

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Unknown said...

Hey guys,

Looks like you are having so much fun. Alaina and I wish we were traveling too!

P.S. For Jay - Dude, put some comments on your pictures and rotate the sideways ones! BOO on your usability!