Thursday, April 5, 2007


We barely made our flight! But, we eventually arrived in Amsterdam at 8 am! Finding the hostel was a breeze, but the entire place smells like urine! We stored our backpacks and roamed the streets in search for breakfast and found a nice little coffee shop. The Anne Frank Huis was hard to believe that people actually lived there for two years. I, Kacee, got grossed out by Jessi and Jay eating African food with their bare hands. We woke up today at 11 am and headed straight to the Van Gogh Museum. The Almond Blossom and the Sunflowers paintings were great. But, the most interesting part was seeing the different periods of his artwork. We laid in the grass at the Museum Park and then ate dinner at El Rancho, the Argentinian Steakhouse. The Red Light District was calling our name. We walked down alleys with RED lights. Oh....what a sight! Now, we are off for some space cake! See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

sounds fun! Keep 'em coming and give us lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

If it's not too late... don't miss the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.