Sunday, July 8, 2007

Kharkhorin Village!

This morning, breakfast consisted of bread with natural cow butter. Caroline and Jay immediately started not feeling well. We decided to wait two hours before departure, so they could rest. Jay gets inspected by a country doctor, who now is a driver for UB guesthouse. The doctor recommended for Jay to wear at hat due to sun exposure and to drink a shot of vodka before bedtime. He claimed that this was a country remedy. After the doctor visit, Caroline and Jay give the "thumbs up" to leave. The journey begins with sandy and rocky roads with rolling grassland. There are many herds of horses and sheep surrounding the grassy plains. We stop at a flowing waterfall with volcanic rocks surrounding the river. Behind the river, there was mountains with rich pine forest and grassland. Jay and I climbed down the rocks to the river to feel and smell the nature surrounding us. After about two hours, we finally arrived to Kharkhorin village. Before going to the Ger, we went to the Erdene Zuu Monastery. This monastery had 108 stupors surrounding the square of the monastery. The bright white stupors represented the Limas (students of Buddha) who died during the Revolution. The monastery had three temples built without a single nail. Each temple was in vibrant colors of green, blue, yellow, and red. The first temple was depicted as Buddha in the past, present, and future. The second temple depicted teenage Buddha, medicine Buddha, and paradise Buddha. A massive statue of the protector of evil guarded both sides of the temple. Also, there were four students on each side representing the learning process of following Buddha. The third temple depicted childhood Buddha, Indian Buddha, which represents the red sect, and Tibetan Buddha, which represents the yellow sect. These two sects are the most commonly practiced. Also, on the premises is a religious building where people can read and practice Buddhism. Migaa came along to translate the information from the tour guide. She appeared to have difficulties translating the exact phases and meanings. Majority of the way through, the tour guide began speaking with perfect English. Migaa was"lost in translation?"
Caroline and Jay did not partake in this learning adventure. Jay spent the majority of his time in the bathroom. Caroline stayed in the van, because she felt nauseated. She compared herself as a camel in terms of being thirsty.
We arrive to the Ger, which had to feel like an eternity for Jay and Caroline. Everyone took turns taking showers. A barrel at the top of the building acted as the main water source for the shower. It was nice to feel clean from all of the dust flying in the van and the various sand storms that we had to fight through. Dinner consisted of fried noodle with potato, red bell pepper, carrots, and beef. However, we actually think it was mutton, because the family's entire house smelt of it. Caroline refused to eat and Jay ate a small amount of fried noodles. We went to bed early, so that Caroline and Jay could recuperate.

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