Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's coming to an end!

For breakfast, the family served rolled bread in the form of a rectangle. These were very hard and we only ate a few. The journey this day was over 300 km. Therefore, we got an early start. We thanked the family (bile-tha) and gave our gift to the grandmother. The sky was a beautiful bright blue with little clouds insight and the grassland was bright green. It looked as if some one spray painted it. There were many animals, such as goats, sheep, and horses roaming. After about a hour, we stopped at Ogiy Lake. The water appeared to be a dark blue-green color and the sand was black. This spot appeared to be a hot spot for camping as there were many people and tents surrounding the lake. For lunch, we stop at a local canteen and Migaa helped us order fried noodles and vegetable soup. Mishka shared his apple soda with everyone. It was quite nice. From the distance, we could see the town of the home stretch now! Traffic getting into town was complete chaos. A railroad crossing went down and cars started to pile on top of one another. As the crossing went up, cars ransacked one another. Mishka plowed right through. In the U.S, we have something called a Que! Jay and I observed one car hit another car and both drivers laughed at one another. What a crazy city! At least our driver knew what he was doing! It was sad that our journey to the countryside had to end. What a wonderful opportunity for us to experience the countryside and nomadic lifestyle for 12 days. But, we were stoked about the hot shower! That evening we had a phenomenal dinner at Broadway Pizza. We ordered Korean food, pizza, and salad. What a treat! Later that night, we met two new roomies, Nils and Ally. A German couple travelling around the world ending up in New Zealand to teach scuba diving and wake boarding. We exchanged contact information and planned to meet up in Beijing.

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